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Very few things can be as frustrating for parents or young children than bedwetting, or enuresis, as it is medically known.  While there are several potential causes of bedwetting, often times a misalignment of the bones in the sacrum (the bottom of the spine), can put pressure on the nerves exiting from this area.  These nerves are very important in the ability of a child to both consciously and subconsciously hold on to their urine, so when misalignments decrease the sensation of a full bladder to the brain, the child will not wake at night with the sensation of needing to urinate.  Because the bladder works on a stretch reflex that will empty it when it is too full whether you are awake or not, not having the urge to urinate allows the child to sleep until the bladder empties on its own.  Often when these misalignments are corrected, bedwetting quickly becomes a thing of the past. 

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